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Business software, Systems Design and Software Development. Specialising in software for Importers, Wholesalers, 3rd Party Warehousing and Distribution and those wanting to trade electronically with retailers (using EDI).

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Featured Product

Purchasing & Incoming Shipment Costing

Managing stock levels, costs and ETAs

Purchase Orders and Shipments are linked into Item enquiries and reports, enabling comprehensive information about stock demand, supply, surplus and short-falls.

Shipment Costing enables accurate costing apportioned to items using - Weight, Volume, Volumetrics, Value (and others); ensuring accurare Landed Costs in :

  • stock Receipts,
  • Bills of Materials,
  • Stock Valuations
  • and Sales Analysis/Profitability.

This can provide indespenible information for importers and manufactures when assessing the profitabillity of individual items or groups of items. 

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