Itemeyes EDI Software

with inventory & sales order management

Itemeyes software can check stock levels and also allocate stock to specific orders; reducing time consuming stock checks and packing inaccuracies. Itemeyes  seamlessly integrates stock allocation, packing slips, scan-packing, package labelling, invoicing and stock consignment tasks.

Stock Adjustments

  • Log stock received & details
  • Adjust stock, note reasons
  • Manage available stock

Sales Order Manager

  • Create orders automatically from EDI
  • Manage Forward and Back Orders
  • Allocate available stock, create packing slips
  • Enter and amend non-EDI Orders also
  • Packing Slip creation and cancellation

Packing Manager

  • Scan Packing
  • Print Packing slips
  • Pack with or without scanner
  • EDI Compliant carton labels
  • Create Invoices
  • Dispatch Consignments
  • Create EDI ASN

Stock Handling

Itemeyes Software for Sales Order and Inventory management 

  • Check stock availability while viewing EDI orders received
  • Allocate available stock to Forward Orders and Back Orders
  • Highlight Due and Overdue Orders or Packing Slips
  • Create and process non-EDI orders also
  • Create Packing Slips
  • Perform EDI-compliant Scan-Packing
  • Create EDI-compliant Carton Labels
  • Create Invoices
  • Create consignment notes

Grow Your Business

Itemeyes does all you expect from EDI software and more -  In one integrated package.

EDI and Itemeyes software  

  • Improve customer satisfaction with faster response times
  • Reduce costs with faster stock turnover
  • Increase sales due to faster replenishment and fewer stock-outs
  • Itemeyes EDI includes ANSI & EDIFACT standards
  • Supports major EDI Documents (PO, FA, POA, RPO, ASN).
  • Validates Item codes, Stores, Prices, Available Stock
  • EDI Send & Receive software included

Become more productive . . .

Reduce Overheads . . .

Increase stock throughput . . .

Itemeyes EDI brings together the key elements you need to process EDI orders, from the Customer placing an Order right through to Dispatch Consignments. Resulting in -

  • Increase sales through faster stock turn around resulting in fewer stock-outs and greater customer satisfaction
  • Faster stock throughput decreases overheads tied up in stock warehousing
  • Greater accuracy, smoother operations and fewer errors, free up staff for more productive tasks


Software for EDI and Distribution

Trade with all major retailers

MYER Target  BigW  David Jones Kmart Woolworths Coles Best & Less Spotlight REBELsport priceline Footlocker Farmers Harris Scarfe Safeway Anaconda

Itemeyes is compliant with the standards of ALL major Australian retailers.

Edi Documents Supported : Purchase Orders, Functional Acknowledgements, Reverse Purchase Orders, Purchase Order Change Requests, EDI Invoices, Advance Ship Notices (ASNs), Remittance Advices, Product Activity Data (PAD). In ANSI and EDIFACT standards.

Itemeyes carton labels meet the standards for all major retaillers, and specific pallet labelling requirements for Coles and BigW.

Itemeyes Despatch


  • Simplify Proof-of-delivery
  • EDI Consignment Notes
  • Print Consignment notes (multi part A4)
  • Print Driver Load/Run Sheets
  • Log Carrier, Pick-up date/time
  • Log Customer's Book-in reference

With Itemeyes you can despatch orders easily allowing enquiries including consignment note number the carrier company and the date the order was despatched.

E-Consignment Notes

You can send consignment files electronically to carriers (such as Startrack Express, Toll and others) directly from Itemeyes without the need to re-key information, saving time and reducing errors.

Some carriers will use the barcodes from itemeyes carton and pallet labels to allow you to trace consignments by pallet or carton. 

Comprehensive despatch data can mean big costs savings when negotiating future freight rates.