Software for Businesses of all sizes

Growth: itemeyes can run on a single PC, network 2 or 3 PCs, or on a server to enable large databases serving many users including over the internet; it is ideal for micro businesses and large multi-user companies.

Adaptable: itemeyes modules can be added in future to build a completely integrated system as required, either now or in the future. Get only the modules you want now and add-in more modules as you need them.

Support: we can provide fast secure support via the internet, even demonstrate tasks on your PC while you watch, to give timely assistance to you and your staff.

Microsoft .Net: itemeyes is written in Microsoft .net and uses Microsoft SQL to ensure fast and reliable data access with scope for enormous volumes of data.

MYOB integration: itemeyes can integrate with MYOB  directly (using MYOB ODBC) or via an MYOB format file (for remote Warehouses).


Software for EDI and Distribution

Latest Technologies

We use latest technologies such as Microsoft .Net, SQL Server. For web development we use the latest Microsoft development platforms, such as MVC3 ASP.Net.

This protects your investment in our software.