Itemeyes Software Features

Itemeyes is a comprehensive Importing and Distribution System

For Micro Business, you can start with just the modules you need and grow the system with your business. Protecting your investment in software and training.

EDI with Sales Order manager. All you need for EDI Scan Packing, Labeling; incorporating all major EDI standards. It can also be used as a complete Sales Order processing system for non-EDI orders also (eg: Sales Rep Orders can be emailed in and imported into Itemeyes EDI) ...       

Warehousing Multi-Location, Storage, batch numbering, expiry dates. Incoming consignments, Despatches. Stock-Take. Consignment unloading & put-away, inventory Location and Storage enquiries...   

Purchase Orders Importing, Shipments, Import Costing spread by Weight, Volume, Qty, Value, Volumetric.

Accounts Receivable Payments, Journals, Print Receipts, Bank deposit Listing, Statements. Pay by ASN or Invoice.

Sales Analysis Dissect sales by Date Range, by Product (Division, Range, Group, Logo) by Customer (Account, Chain, Group, Geographic Area)

All Modules feature list ...

Itemeyes Features List

Sales Orders

  • Order Entry & Amendment
  • Stock Allocation
  • Deliver Whole Order Checking
  • Set forward process Date
  • Automatic Credit Checking
  • Contract Prices by Item/Customer
  • Customer Item Nos.
  • Customer Repackaging/Qtys
  • User Defined Order Types
  • EDI Orders Integration
  • Credit Approval
  • Packing Slip & Picking List
  • Enquiries & Reports


Picking & Packing

  • Optional Stock Item by Bin
  • bulk Picking List
  • Consignment Confirmation, by Packing Slip or Invoice
  • EDI compliant Scan-Packing
  • EDI UCC128 Carton Labels in Multiple Formats


  • Stock Movement
  • Processing
  • User defined Adjustment types
  • Item Batch Control
  • Expiry Date Handling
  • Complete Stock Traceability
  • Stages Of Completion
  • Stock Take
  • Stock Allocation
  • Detailed Item Costing
  • Multi-Warehouse
  • Multi-Location
  • Barcodes
  • Expiry Dates
  • Enquiries & Reports
  • Valuation Reporting (Range/Group/Item)
  • Turnover Rates
  • Stock Ageing Analysis
  • Obsolete Stock reporting
  • Re-Order reporting


Integrated EDI & Scan Packing

  • Purchase orders
  • Acknowledgement
  • ASN's
  • Reverse POs
  • PO Amendments
  • PO Change Request
  • RCTI Invoices
  • EDI UCC128 Carton Labels



  • Confirm Consignment by Packing Slip or Invoice.
  • Multiple format Consignment Note Printing
  • Pallet Label Printing
  • Data File/s Creation for Carriers Systems
  • Consignment Costing 


  • Immediate Invoices & Credit Notes
  • Sales Order Invoicing
  • Invoice/Credit Printing
  • Invoice & Credit Note Re-Printing
  • Stock Receipt Tracing
  • Dispatch Consignment Details
  • Enquiries & Reports


Itemeyes Feature List..

Sales Analysis

  • By product Range, Group, Logo
  • Incredibly flexible
  • Source of Order Analysis
  • Daily Performance Reports
  • Multi Year Comparisons
  • Previous Period/s
  • Invoice Detail Analysis
  • Enquiries & Reports

Purchase Orders & Shipments

  • Order Entry
  • Order Invoicing
  • Order Receipts
  • Shipment Processing
  • Shipment Costing
  • Foreign Currencies
  • Costing Reporting
  • Enquiries & Reports
  • ALC vs.Profit Margin


Accounts Receivable

  • Unallocated Cash Facility
  • Journals
  • Customer based Statement types
  • Aged Trial Balance
  • Credit Checking  Limit &/or Days
  • Debtor Insurance
  • Enquiries & Reports

General Ledger Interface

  • data collection from Invoices
  • Consolidation by ASN (definable)
  • MYOB interface