Warehouse Management

taking control of stock

Incoming Consignments

Optionally plan, book-in and receive consignments. Reduce time consuming stock re-checking and inaccuracies. Report on any variance between quantities expected, unloaded and put-away (undamaged).

multi Warehouse/multi stock Locations

using Itemeyes you can store inventoried items in multiple Warehouses, and in multiple stock/bin locations. 

  • Location by Pick/Replenishment/Bulk storage types
  • Location/Bin capacity by Weight and/or Volume
  • View Locations/bins showing capacity used.

Stock Reporting

  • Dissection by Range, Group, Logo
  • Obsolete stock reporting
  • Minimum stock / re-order reporting


view storage by item by location/bin; selectable by date range. Ideal if you need to pass-on storage costs, of for 3rd Party warehousing. Stock Receipts adjustments, transfers adjust stock by item by location/bin; batch, expiry date. Transfer stock between warehouses. 


Using Itemeyes you can perform controlled Stock-Takes for all or part of a Warehouse, and all or selected Items. 

  • Count Sheets and/or Stock Cards
  • Stock-Take Variance Reports (including stock valuations)

QC Inspection/put-away

Itemeyes allows the option to confirm Un-Load and any separate Put-Away (QC inspections/damaged stock) ensuring stock is accurately deemed 'Available' for picking and despatching, resulting in timely and accurate picking

Despatch Consignment/Costing

Enter and amend consignment details including carrier, weight volume and cost charged. Ideal for forward planning, freight invoice reconciliation, freight rate negotiation, and passing on consignment costs.


Stock Handling

Itemeyes Software for Sales Order and Inventory management 

  • Check stock availability while viewing EDI orders received
  • Allocate available stock to Forward Orders and Back Orders
  • Highlight Due and Overdue Orders or Packing Slips
  • Create and process non-EDI orders also
  • Create Packing Slips
  • Perform EDI-compliant Scan-Packing
  • Create EDI-compliant Carton Labels
  • Create Invoices
  • Create consignment notes


The complete Software solution for Warehousing